Jan 132012

The spot of today is Kerið in Iceland:


Kerið, Photo by Pétur Jónsson

It is a amazing volcano crater, close to the road 35. Be sure to watch for the signs because it’s not visible from the road (even though it’s on its side). If you go on the Golden Circle with your own vehicle, this spot makes up a great extra. Click here to see more infos about Kerið.

Want to know more about the Golden Circle:

Jan 102012

I am proud to present a brand new release including the following:

You now have a map of where you’ve been on your profile page!

Except that, here are the bugfixes:

  • Layout improved on the Explore page.
  • When adding a tag, the page now refreshes to show the changes (instead of a message box).
  • Fixed a bug that showed “1+” instead of “+1″ when voting for a spot.
  • Fixed a UI bug of the background when scrolling down.

You can let me know of anything in the comments or by email.

Jan 062012

Here is a quick presentation of the main functionnalities of awespot.org for the current beta version (0.9).

  • Explore the map and look for spots anywhere in the world: you’ll know what there is to see when you’re travelling there
  • Upvote or downvote spots if you think they are awesome or not, so that others know what’s worth the look
  • Contribute to the map by adding missing spots : you can be a modern explorer ;)
  • Add spots informations (description, tags…) and photos (your photos)
  • Add spots to your todo-list, or mark that you’ve been there

Of course these functionnalities will elvove, but I hope it may help understand what you can do.