May 062012

Following the previous design update for the global layout, the new release is a major update for the spot page.

See for yourself, before :

And after:

Not only the page is visually more attractive, but it can now display specifically for tablets and smartphones. Here is what it looks like on a smartphone:

Go ahead and try for yourself, visit on your mobile phone!

Jan 062012

Here is a quick presentation of the main functionnalities of for the current beta version (0.9).

  • Explore the map and look for spots anywhere in the world: you’ll know what there is to see when you’re travelling there
  • Upvote or downvote spots if you think they are awesome or not, so that others know what’s worth the look
  • Contribute to the map by adding missing spots : you can be a modern explorer ;)
  • Add spots informations (description, tags…) and photos (your photos)
  • Add spots to your todo-list, or mark that you’ve been there

Of course these functionnalities will elvove, but I hope it may help understand what you can do.